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How can I upgrade my WordPress Hosting? To upgrade your WordPress hosting to a higher plan, follow the steps below: Log into your... How do I reset my WordPress Password? WordPress Password Reset from the Admin Page Enter your domain name/wp-admin E.G >>... How to Create a WordPress Post WordPress gives you flexible options to post write-ups for visitors to read and comment. To... How to Install WordPress Plugins WordPress plugins can be installed from your WordPress Dashboard under Plugins -> Add New. How to Install WordPress Themes Login to your Wordpress dashboard, click on  -> Appearance -> Themes search for the theme... How to Install Wordpress Our WordPress hosting comes preinstalled with a WordPress script. All you need to do is place an... How to Login to WordPress? Your WordPress Dashboard is also known as the admin back-end, where you manage and build your... How to create a page in WordPress? You can easily create a static page in your WordPress blog from your admin area -> Pages ->... How to export blogger into WordPress hosting account. Login to your Wordpress admin area, go to Tools > Import and click Install Now for Blogger.... My WordPress theme is not showing If you uploaded a theme and it is not displaying, check if you have uploaded the theme in the... What is WordPress WordPress is a free open source content management system. WordPress provides everything you need... What's the difference between regular shared hosting and wordpress Hosting WordPress hosting is a web hosting account that has been properly optimized for the needs of a...
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