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Do you have a manual for our control panel? Yes, we do, please visit https://documentation.cpanel.net/. You can also visit... File Permission File permissions Each file and folder located in your account has certain permissions assigned.... How do I create a MySQL database? Login to your cPanel and click on MySQL Databases Enter the name of the database in the field... How do I downgrade my shared hosting account? A hosting account can only be downgraded at the point of renewal. Before downgrading your hosting... How do I upgrade my shared hosting account? To upgrade your account to a higher plan, follow the steps below: Log into your client area... I have exhausted my bandwidth. What do I do? You would have to upgrade your hosting account before your site can become active again. You may... I have purchased a hosting account. What next? Thank you for choosing TLSHOST! The next steps to take depend on exactly what you want to... Inode usage on shared hosting Inode Usage An inode is a data structure used to keep information about a file on your hosting... My website is not loading There are several reasons your site may not load. The most common reason is making use of... Shared hosting limits explained Ever wondered what keeps our servers running and how we ensure that resources are fairly used and... Termination of hosting accounts Suspended accounts are terminated based on the billing cycle of the accounts as follows: For... What is the difference between parked, addon, and subdomains? Why was my account suspended? There are various reasons why your account was suspended. It may have been suspended because it...
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